The riot will not be televised!

Welcome to

The riot is a photography project started by Charlie Zimmerman as he seeks to find redheads from all walks of life to appear in a collection of portraits.

Bring on the freckles!

Are you a redhead? Then send me an email letting me know you're interested. Contact me here:

Is your friend a redhead? Then forward them this page and let them know about joining the riot.

We're serious about redheads!

For all redheads who participate we can either pay cash money or trade for more value towards things like family photo sessions or a wedding package.

Join in the fun!

So, what's this all about anyway?

Well, this is a relatively new photography project started by Central Pennsylvania photographer Charlie Zimmerman. Rather than focus on just portraits of everyone, I'm working on a project of just redheads that I'm hoping will someday turn into a book.

Sure, there are books on the history of famous redheads, or a collection of redheads to have appeared in a certain series of magazines, but it seems no one is focusing on the redheads we meet each day - the ones that make the world go round.

If it takes 18 months or 10 years, it doesn't matter, it's an ongoing project.

Join in the riot!